About The Artist

Welcome to my art studio!

About The Artist

I’m Stephanie Norton

Artist, Educator, Mental Health Advocate

I believe in making art that creates a happy and uplifting experience. Creating art is not only expressive but therapeutic. Through difficult experiences I have faced in my life making art has served as a form of therapy and cathartic release. Art has a way of transforming one’s pain into beauty. I feel most alive and energetic while painting. As I tell my students “Sometimes it’s more about the process than the product.”

Behind The Art

Stephanie Norton was born along the river in Natchez, Mississippi. Having grown up next to the river, and in one of the oldest and most historical European settlements, her love for the outdoors and public history grew tremendously. At a young age her family then moved to Georgia, where the beauty of the South still continued to captivate her soul and fuel a fire for her creative endeavors.

Even today Stephanie is energized by the beauty of the natural world around her as well as an appreciation for history and preservation. Whether traveling, or taking a short walk outdoors to a local nature park, she finds artistic inspiration.

Utilizing most forms of media including painting in oils, acrylics, and watercolor, drawing in charcoal, collage, and photography. She loves the challenge of expressing art in unique forms and creating works with meaning and symbolism.

Graduate of The University of West Georgia with a M.Ed. and B.F.A. in Art Education. Her graduate studies included a semester studying Advanced Art History and Watercolor painting in Bayeux and Paris, France. Currently, Stephanie resides outside Atlanta, Georgia, teaching high school visual arts, and lives in a historic downtown studio loft.